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House Of Cards

CNBC did a great documentary this past February about the mortgage meltdown and what caused it.  It tells the story in easy to understand terms and is a must watch for everyone, so I am sharing it here.

Should You Walk Away From Your Mortgage?

underwater mortgages This is a question that many homeowners are facing today as mortgage delinquencies rise and as many people find themselves saddled with homes that are worth less than the mortgage note. Even people who can afford their mortgage payment are considering giving up their home because of negative equity.


Barry Ritzholtz: HAMP Prolonging The Agony

Some people disgust me and Mr. Ritzholtz is on the top of my list right now. 

Mr. Ritzholtz insists that the reason HAMP is not working is because homeowners can’t afford their homes.  He says it would be better to let the lenders foreclose and absorb the losses, and let the families get into “more affordable” rentals.  He says, in effect, HAMP is just prolonging the agony and if the process were just allowed to play out, the market would correct itself over time.  You can read his article here.


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