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Unemployment Extension Passed Both Houses and Signed by President

The millions of Americans who are depending upon their unemployment checks to pay their bills and put food on the table can rest easier today. A 60 day extension to the time to file for extended benefits in any of the four tiers of benefits available has passed in Congress and has been signed into law by President Obama.

While no additional weeks have been added, this extension would allow anyone who has exhausted a particular tier to move on to the next tier of benefits. The deadline to file is now June 2, and it applies retroactively to April 5th, so any missed benefits will be paid.

Senator Snowe Provides the 60th Vote To Extend Unemployment Benefits Another Month

Along with three other Republican senators, Senator Olympia Snowe provided the 60th vote necessary to move  forward the bill that would extend unemployment benefits for another month (well, actually, only two weeks, now.)  The bill is expected to pass later this week.

This means that if you’re unemployed and in transition between one of the four tiers of available extended federal benefits, you’ll be able to do so for the next two weeks. The bill will also apply retroactively, so that anyone who missed benefits due to the delay will be able to collect them.

A bill that would extend the deadlines to file for extended benefits through the end of 2010 is also in the works. So far, no new tiers of benefits have been created.

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