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Elizabeth Warren On The Collapse of The Middle Class

My arm is hurting too much for me to type much today, so I bring you a video of a great talk by Elizabeth Warren, who currently is overseeing the TARP bailout and is a Harvard law professor. She’s a very smart woman who saw the financial collapse coming. It’s a bit long but worth a listen.


News From The Alternate Universe of the Delusional

duh_can’s LaToya Irby needs a serious reality check concerning her recent article, “How To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck” .

She talks about how living paycheck to paycheck is bad and places you at risk for getting into debt, as if this is suddenly a new revelation and if people would start paying attention, well, things would get better for them.  She  then comes up with some nonsensical solutions and platitudes that help no one and do not resonate during these times of high unemployment, cut hours, and high living expenses.


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