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Judgmental, Much?

This post, in response to this one is yet more evidence that the sanctimonious “live within your means” and “pay your bills no matter what”  hyenas have no empathy.

Obviously, Abigail has never taken a financial misstep in her life, so much so, that she feels she is eminently qualified to sit on her high horse and shake her proverbial finger at everyone else.

My heart goes out to Emily, the author of the original post. I can’t imagine how hard it has been for you, losing a child,  while facing your financial difficulties. I want to thank you for sharing your story and I hope that you and your husband make the most of the second chance that bankruptcy affords you.

Now for my response to Abigail’s post:


Yes, thank goodness those creditors won’t get more things to help make up for the losses they’re taking on your debts. Nothing but gratitude that those vultures — they want you to pay back what you spent! — don’t get your stuff to make up for taking a chance on you and losing. Suck on that, people who expected you to live up to your responsibilities!

Aside from the fact that credit card companies and banks encourage people to take on debt, even when it may not be in their best interests to do so, no one ever borrows money without intending to pay it back. Defaults are just a cost of doing business for these “creditors.” Please don’t make it sound like there are actual “people” who are being denied their due, much less being hurt by the fact that someone who got in over her head took advantage of bankruptcy protection afforded by the Federal government.


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