Secured Credit Cards

credit images Credit is pretty much an essential part of life these days. What’s in your credit report could cost you in higher interest payments and may even keep you from getting that dream job you always wanted.

If you’re just starting out and have no credit, things can be equally tough for you as well. In some cases, it is worse to have no credit than a blemished credit history.

For these reasons, it is wise to think about rebuilding your credit after a financial set back or establishing good credit from the get go.  One of the best ways to do it is through the use of secured credit cards. Secured credit cards are REAL credit cards…not prepaid debit cards. They can be used just as any other credit card:

  • You can use your card to reserve a hotel room
  • You can use your card to rent a car
  • Your payment history will be reported to the credit bureaus

Build or rebuild your credit by applying for a secured card like the one listed below:

Public Savings Bank Classic Visa

Public Savings Bank Classic Visa offers a secured credit card with the following features:

  • 0% APR for the first six months
  • Your credit score is not considered
  • Income not an issue
  • Credit limit between $200 to $1500
  • Reports to all three Credit Bureaus
  • All applications accepted
  • 24 hour customer service

Apply here today.


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