I’ve read a lot of personal finance blogs and pretty much all of them have good information. However, all too often,  it is laced with a fair amount of self-righteous rhetoric about “personal responsibility” and “poor choices” that, in my view, most people in financial trouble can do without.

I’m a pretty empathetic person…the kind that you’d probably label a “bleeding heart.” I’m proud of that fact, because to me, it means that I am able to look past my own situation in life and view others’ troubles in a non-judgmental light.

Beyond that, I am no stranger to financial hardship. I know what it is like to worry about how I am going to pay the light bill or my credit card payments this month.  I’ve also been able to completely wipe out my credit card debts and I’ve rebuilt my credit from poor to excellent over a relatively short period of time. So I know what it is like on both ends of the continuum.

I started this blog because I think that people in financial trouble deserve to have some place to come to get the information without the heavy dose of judgmental attitude so common elsewhere. Here you will find common sense solutions as well as important news in finance and the economy. What you won’t find on this site are a lot of useless platitudes.  I find a lot of these platitudes at best unrealistic and unworkable from the standpoint of most people in financial trouble, and at worse, demeaning and brow-beating.

I know that people struggling with debt already feel overwhelmed and helpless, and that most of you did not get into your current situation through poor choices.  This blog is not aimed at making you feel like low-life pond scum merely because you’ve hit a bump in the road and are having trouble with your bills.

I hope you enjoy this blog and any comments or feedback are welcome! You can also contact me by email at service@handlingdebt.org.


Kathy McGraw

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